Ok, so I did slack off after my last post with the exception of a recipe section added... But I have some fantastic news to share, which I know most of you already know, but just to reiterate... I'M GETTING MARRIED!

Ask me a year ago what my life would be like today and never in a million years would I have guessed I'd be engaged to the guy of my dreams, but hey, stranger things have happened... haven't they? :P

So, to answer the standard questions which have been asked by different people: 
Are you pregnant? No! Definitely not.
When's the wedding? September 2011
Did he get down on one knee? Yes, he did, very romantic :)
Did you know he was going to propose? Yes, I knew it was on the cards but was completely surprised at the timing. 
Are you having an engagement party? Yes, we're just waiting for certain people to be available before officially celebrating.

So now the fun starts... We're very excited and very happy to be on this journey together.

Ok, so since my last post my life has done a complete 180... My close friends and family will know what I'm talking about, but as for the rest of you... You can just use your imagination and come up with some scandalous story because I'm not gonna tell you :P

I haven't touched this site in over a year which is slack I know, but give me a break, I've had other things on my mind... But I'm back with more crap to blog about and I'm even thinking about putting up a few of my recipes for those so domestically inclined, and a few more poll ideas for people to vote on... If there's anything else you'd like to see, or things you'd like my opinion on (music/movies/anything) let me know...

So watch this space, Count Dotula is back! xx

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Watching the news this morning, I heard the report of famed orchestra conductor Sir Edward Downes and his wife, Lady Joan Downes taking their lives in what could be described as euthanasia or assisted suicide. I find this to be an interesting topic and of course have my own views on the practice, but in all honesty I found this particular story to be incredibly romantic. Morbid, I guess, but the idea of a husband and wife so in love with each other they were both willing to end their lives at the same time to spare each other the grief of losing the other really pulls at my heart strings. I find the devotion of these two extremely admirable as such long-lived commitments don’t seem to happen much anymore. Divorce is no longer taboo, it’s far from uncommon to see single parent and ‘mixed’ families and honestly, that really saddens me as I have fairly traditional views on what the family unit should be... but I won’t go into that right now.

The facts of this case for those who are interested or have not heard the report are as follows: Sir Edward Downes (85) and his wife Lady Joan Downes (74), a former ballet dancer, choreographer and television producer travelled to Switzerland to the Dignatas Clinic last week with the intention of ending their lives. Their children were aware of the Downes’ plans and travelled to Zurich with their parents. Lady Downes was reported by British newspapers to be in the final stages of terminal cancer, whilst her children described their father to be “almost blind and increasingly deaf”, and there are suggestions that his condition was not at all terminal and believed he simply did not wish to live without his wife of over half a century, instead choosing to rest in peace with her.

On Friday, the children said, they watched, weeping, as their parents drank “a small quantity of clear liquid” before lying down on adjacent beds, holding hands. Within minutes they both slipped away peacefully.

They were just two of the reported 117 people living in Britain who have travelled to the Zurich clinic for these type of services, as euthanasia or assisted suicide is illegal there, and in most countries around the world with the exception of Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Thailand and the U.S. States of Oregon and Washington.

Waka waka waka waka...

Another slightly random topic, but interesting nonetheless. Being quite short on time most days, I can't always wash my hair as often as I'd like to, now, this wasn't such a problem before when I was able to just chuck it up in a ponytail and go about my business but since deciding to chop all my hair off a couple of weeks ago, covering up my occasionally greasy hair is somewhat more of a challenge, until now...

Now, maybe I'm a bit slow on the uptake and people have used this stuff before, but if not, it's called 'Dry Shampoo'. There are a few brands available, but the one I chose is Toni&Guy Refreshing Dry Shampoo ($14.95). It just looks like a can of hairspray, and essentially you use it in the same manner as hairspray, spraying it liberally, concentrating more on the roots of your hair.

Initially doubting how a spray could 'degrease' my hair, after applying it this afternoon (since I haven't washed my hair since Saturday), I was pleasantly surprised. Of course it wouldn't replace actually washing your hair in the traditional manner, but if you're short on time or your hair is feeling just a bit oily, this stuff is brilliant!


Title says it all really... Take a listen, made me giggle.


Shoelaces? Yes, my second post is centering around those lengths of cord laced in the eyelets of your shoes.

Why you ask?

In the past, I couldn't give two shits about how my shoes were laced... as long as I could tie them up and they wouldn't fall off my feet as I walked I was happy, but then something (or someone should I say) messed with my Converse All Stars the other day with attractive results.

Going about my daily chores dressed in my usual jeans, shirt and Cons, my lunch break turned into somewhat of a fashion lesson when Luka asked if he could 'bar lace' my shoes. Raising one eyebrow at him, I agreed and presented one All Star clad foot which he proceeded to first remove the shoe, pull out the laces and go about re-lacing them. Not paying a great deal of attention to what he was actually doing, shortly after he presented me with my footwear with newly bar-laced laces, which looked something like this:

Now, not only do I think they looked sigificantly cooler laced like this, but after wearing them for the rest of the day, found they were more comfortable too. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I sometimes find after wearing my Cons for a whole day the top of my feet begin to hurt... not anymore!

Now, the dilemma came when yesterday I decided the laces in my favourite shoes needed to be washed. Washing them wasn't the issue of course, but when it came to re-lace, I kicked myself for not paying more attention to how Luka did it.

Trusty Google to the rescue!

I'm sure there are several websites that would offer similar services, but one in particular caught me eye:
Not only did I find how to bar lace my shoes, but was astounded in how many different ways my humble sneakers could be beautified. From Criss-Cross to Bow Ties, the site is filled with cool ideas on how to change the look of your favourite shoes... you should check it out.
I must admit, it wasn't easy deciding what to write about for my first blog entry... there are so many things I could rant or rave about, but I have settled on 'reviewing' a great Japanese restaurant I recently dined at - Wasabi in Manuka.

Recommended by a good friend who also joined me on my first visit, my first impression was a good one. Very polite host and waitstaff (although, in my experience, Japanese people on a whole are very welcoming), we were promptly seated at the teppenyaki bar and given menus and a glass of water to sip as we mulled over the selections. Excited to experience the full teppanyaki 'show', we choose the Kanji Set and order ourselves a glass of Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc (not very Japanese I know, but Sammie and I do enjoy a good drop) to wash it down with. The orders of the other 9 at the bar are taken and our chosen drinks arrive without delay.

Minutes later we are presented with a hot bowl of miso soup and have a quiet giggle to ourselves as the three children across from us marvel in the fact they get to drink there soup straight from the bowl. Delicious and light, but still with a certain depth of flavour, I can honestly say it was the best miso I have tasted. Noting when we had finished, the waitstaff swiftly remove our empty bowls and replace them with a small bowl of a savoury custard known as chicken chawan mushi. Slightly taken aback by the concept, I take a small spoonful of the egg, chicken and stock and marvel in the texture combination - firm custard, tender chicken and smooth broth, I loved it.